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Samae San Scuba Diving Trips

Coral and Wreck dives.Samae San scuba diving

Samae San scuba diving trips start at 8.30 am at Real Divers dive center, once we have all been introduced to each other and kitted up we have a 40 minute scenic taxi ride to Samae San, on the way we stop off and get a few snapshots of the Buddha Rock for your photo album.

Once we are at Samae San its a 20 to 30 min boat ride to Islands, the boat is a small boat (10 metres) so we keep the buddy teams small and only take a maximum of 7 divers with us.

Because Samae San is off the tourist track you very rarely see other divers there and there are no banana boats or Jet-skis so we can basically dive any of the 7 islands we wish to choose.

Samae San also has a WW2 ship wreck named the Hardeep which is great for Advanced courses and the PADI Enriched air and wreck specialty.

samae san scuba diving trips-

The Hardeep wreck is great for the wreck specialty and penetration

The wreck is 60 metres long and she is laying on her side, the depth starts at 15 metres and the bottom is at 28 metres, because shes been down there since WW2 there’s coral growth and sea fans all over the her and the marine life is abundant with Barracuda, Batfish, Nudibranches, large Hawk-Bill Turtles and large Marble Rays.

The other Samae San dive sites worth diving are Koh Chuang, Shark fin Rock, Koh Chan and Hin Chalam all these dive sites have amass of corals and tropical marine life, Turtles, Rays, Puffers, small Sharks and Angelfish are seen on virtually every dive. The depths vary from 5 metres to 40 metres depending on what site you’re on.

The way the day usually goes on the Samae San scuba diving trips is we make the Wreck dive first and then have lunch followed by a coral dive or if the current is too strong for the wreck dive we just do 2 coral dives and we are back at the dive shop 4pm for cold beverages.

Samae San scuba diving

Hardeep before (above) and after (below)

samae san scuba diving trips

Large Hawk-Bill turtles to be seen.



Samae San Scuba diving trip Prices:

Scuba diving + rental equipment 3,400 Thai Baht

Scuba diving (own equipment) 3,000 Thai Baht

  • Included in the Trip
  • 3 Dives
  • Professional supervision
  • Rental Equipment (if needed)
  • Lunch/fruit and cold drinks
  • Hotel pick-up and return in the local Pattaya/Jomtien areas.


VIDEO: Samae San scuba diving trip.









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