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Discover scuba diving

Discover scuba diving Pattaya – 1 day program where you get to dive on coral reefs.

2 Dives plus video & photos of your trip

PADI Discover scuba diving Pattaya is a try dive, it is designed so it’s possible for those who do not have time to take or are debating whether to take a scuba certification course or for those who just want to try diving for the first time. After all, how can you be sure you will enjoy scuba diving? The straight answer to that is you can’t be sure until you have tried it but those who have always wonder why they didn’t try it earliDSCF1612er, it is fun and pretty simple and the PADI discover scuba diving Pattaya course is a great way to experience diving for the first time.

The beauty of this course is that you don’t have to sit for hours in a classroom or spend time in the swimming pool learning fairly advanced skills.

discover scuba diving pattaya

No boat does it faster “REEF SEEKER” our dedicated boat for this experience.

This course is a fun day out at the Pattaya coral islands actually diving the same coral reefs as divers who already hold a certification, the only difference is you will be under the supervision of a Professional PADI scuba diving Instructor.

At Diving Thailand we have made this course easier for the first time diver. We run our trips to the coral islands on a 12 metre twin engine speedboat which means we can take the boat right up to the beach instead of having 200 to 300 metre surface swims to the beach as you would on the large dive boats.

discover scuba diving pattaya

Don your equipment the easy way in shallow water at the beach bay.

The other nice and easy advantage of diving from the speedboat is we can don the equipment in shallow water where the scuba unit weighs nothing instead of donning the heavy eqdiscover scuba diving pattayauipment on the boat and having to do a deep water entry as on the large dive boats.

After donning the equipment and going through the safety checks in the shallow water you will then get to take your first exhilarating breaths underwater, the first thing you notice is its simple to breathe from a regulator.

Once you’re having fun and feeling confident the instructor will show you a couple of easy skills that you might use during the dive. You will then perform the skills the instructor demonstrates to you until you are comfortable doing them. These skills include clearing your dive mask, regulator clearing and finning techniques.

Now it is on to the really fun part, diving on a coral reef under the close supervision of your instructor. You will be led onto a beautiful coral reef with it’s thousands of colorful tropical fish for an adventure you will never forget.

Discover Scuba Diving Pattaya

Large Hawk-Bill Turtles seen on virtually every dive.

We will then relax and have a light lunch and fruit.            Discover Scuba Diving pattaya

After lunch we will then go on a second dive, with no additional training required, just diving. The afternoon dive will be for about 45 minutes to 1 hour as we interact with marine life on the reefs with a great chance of seeing turtles and other amazing fish life. After the dive we will take a boat ride home and once at the dive center have a chat about all our dive stories of the day over a cold beverage.

If you really would like to become a certified scuba diver after this experience this course credits towards the PADI Scuba Diver and the PADI Open water certification which you could complete with a couple of extra days training (just ask the instructor about certification details)

Discover scuba diving Pattaya schedule.

  • Hotel pick up 9.45am
    discover scuba diving pattaya

    Koh Rin one of Pattaya’s premier dive sites

  • Return to hotel 3.30pm
  • Included in the trip Price: Professional supervision – rental equipment – 2 reef dives – Video & photos – Lunch/snacks/fruit – Certificate of completion Wall Chart – Pick up and return to your hotel in the local Pattaya/Jomtien areas.

Price per person.

  • 1 dive/snorkel, 3,300 Thai Baht per person
  • 2 dives, 3,800 Thai Baht per person


  • 1,500 Thai Baht per person.
  • 2,000 Thai Baht per person with Pro guide.

If you would like just you and your friends on the trip then why not ask us about our private speedboat trips. Just drop us an e-mail


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